Course Description

Enhance your managerial and leadership skills so you can build a high-performing, stronger team and organization! 

Taught by Emeritus Faculty member of the Technology Management Program, and current CEO of Seibold & Associates, Dave Seibold, this 2-day course aims to bring strategy and coherence to your management style. 

You will learn skills crucial to your success as an established Manager, Supervisor, Director, and/or Executive. 

Dave Seibold, Ph.D, CEO

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Learner Outcomes

Building a Strong(er) Team and Organization

  • Formalizing System Norms -A Contract
  • Creating a Team with Teamwork
  • Methods of Team- and Organizational-Development
  • Key Functions that Leaders Must Perform
  • Strategies for Increasing Members’ Desire for Success

Developing Strategy

  • Key Questions Leaders Must Ask
  • Leadership Lessons from Prominent Leaders
  • Strategic Planning (vs Its Cousins)
  • Eleven Components in the SP Process
  • Strategies for Communicating Organizational Strategy

Enabling Innovativeness

  • Setting the Right Challenge
  • Experimenting before Decision Making
  • Preparing the Rest of the Organization to Accept Ideas
  • How Much Time & Which Other Resources?

Leading Change

  • “Good” Leadership – A Baseline
  • Humility, Respect and Trust – Leadership Cornerstones
  • Traits of Inclusive Leaders
  • Parachuting into a Crisis – Admired Leadership
  • Why Transformation Efforts Fail (and Steps to Take)

 Communicating and Influencing

  • The Foundation: Listening
  • Pillars of Leaders’ Credibility: Character and Competence
  • Steps in Non-Directive Coaching
  • Better Coordination thru Better Meetings
  • Making Teams Smarter

Motivating Members

  • Understanding Motivation
  • What Members Value (Extrinsic & Intrinsic Rewards)
  • Demotivators and Motivators
  • 10 Evidence-Based Tips for Motivating Members

Understanding and Managing Conflicts

  • Assumptions versus Realities about Conflict
  • Organizational + Group + Interpersonal Elements
  • Delivering Negative Feedback Constructively
  • Dealing with Your Difficult People
  • “S.U.I.T” - Fostering Controversy, Not Conflict
  • How Teams Can “Fight” Well
  • Simple vs Pseudo vs Ego Conflict Management

Dealing with Power and Politics

  • Mistaken Assumptions about Power
  • Sources of Power, and Acquiring Power in Organizations
  • Dynamics in Dysfunctional Decision Making

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9:00AM to 4:00PM
May 16, 2019
UCSB Campus
9:00AM to 4:00PM
May 17, 2019
UCSB Campus
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On-campus parking, and lunch IS PROVIDED! Will be held at UCSB's Faculty Club.

Requests for full refunds must be received by May, 9, 2019. There is a $250 non-refundable deposit fee for all refunds. No refunds will be granted after May 9. Requests must be submitted in writing to help@professional.ucsb.edu.