Course Description

ONLINE AND ON-DEMAND! This course will provide students with foundational understanding of IR imaging technology without venturing into the complex physical and mathematical theories involved.  It is designed for current or prospective users of IR technology and doesn’t require any previous IR experience nor advanced skills in math or physics. The course will cover:

  • An overview of the phenomenology behind IR

  • Basic anatomy of an IR system

  • How to select the right IR system for the job

  • Foundational introductions to: Readouts, Sensor Fabrications, Packaging, Testing and Image Processing

This course is a foundational component to ECE X449 - Modern Infrared Detectors and Systems Applications

Course Outline

Enrollment in this course includes on-demand access to the following lectures (12 hrs total):
  1. Overview of IR Technology    
  2. Basic anatomy of an IR system     
  3. Introduction to IR optics and spectral filters    
  4. How to select the right IR system for the job   
  5. IR current and future applications    
  6. Real life case studies   
  7. Introduction to Readouts and noise management    
  8. Introduction to IR sensor fabrication  
  9. Introduction to IR packaging   
  10. Introduction to IR testing & IR Scene Projection  
  11. Introduction to Image processing    
  12. EO analysis and online tool set   

Learner Outcomes


- Enable students to acquire a broad and foundational understanding of IR applications and to provide the necessary tools to select the right IR system for the right application. This course is designed for a wide range of participants with a variety of educational background and professional experience. 

- Prepare or refresh participants for ECE X449 - Modern Infrared Detectors & Systems Applications.

It is expected to be very useful for:

  • Prospective users of IR technology
  • Established users of IR technology in their job, and those that want to learn how to select the right IR system for the right application
  • Project Managers/team leads who need to find a solution to a real life problem and want to understand if IR technology could be the right tool for them

Theoretical concepts discussed will heavily relate to real situations that all of us experience daily in our lives. A strong sense of curiosity combined with the desire to learn something new in a pleasant and fun environment is the only requirement for this course! 


No prerequisites are required to take this course. However, course materials and lectures are hosted on UCSB's learning management software, CANVAS.

To get access to CANVAS, each participant must create an active NetID. Participants can expect to get their NetID within 24-48 business hours of enrollment.


Refund requests must be made within 1 week of enrollment, and requested in writing to help@professional.ucsb.edu.
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Apr 01, 2024 to Jun 30, 2024
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- Access to course materials begins on the date of enrollment and is active for 12 weeks.
- There are no textbooks or materials required.