Course Description

Business Strategy guides organizations, those mature and emerging, those public and private, those for-profit and non-profit, in making the right decisions to enable success in the marketplace, most importantly profitable growth. Strategy also guides leaders in being clear about an organization’s direction within an uncertain/changing environment, and enables leaders to be better positioned to respond to unanticipated and significant challenges. This course will explore the various styles of strategy, for instance: classical, adaptive, shaping and visionary. In addition, different levels of strategy will be examined, for example: corporate, business and functional. Finally, the course will examine Strategic Planning, the process by which an organization develops a specific action plan to execute its chosen strategy.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand various styles of strategy, for example classical, adaptive, shaping and visionary.
  • Understand different levels of strategy, for example corporate, business and functional.
  • Understand how to assess marketplaces and competition
  • Understand the Strategic Planning process and the role of strategy within that process
  • Review actual case studies from select organizations and industries
  • Hear real-world perspectives from domain experts and guest speaker(s)

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