Course Description

This course introduces students to HTML5, the primary markup language for the World Wide Web and its modern style language, cascading style sheets (CSS). Students learn the language syntax and layouts. This course shows how supporting browsers will render a web page and provides fallback solutions for non-­supporting browsers. Students will develop an understanding of media queries and how to create a responsive web design.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to HTML structure and lists
  • Links, images, and tables
  • Forms and multimedia
  • CSS style color and text
  • Boxes and Layout
  • Responsive web design

Learner Outcomes

  • Identify the web technologies and HTML/CSS elements used in popular websites
  • Build websites using proper semantic syntax, design styling, HTML5 forms, audio, and video
  • Code HTML and CSS using industry standard methodologies
  • Build a set of websites for PC, mobile phone, and tablet form factors
  • Demonstrate verifying HTML and CSS code meet W3C standards
  • Demonstrate building semantically organized websites for crawling by indexes and search engines


Prerequisite is Introduction to Front End Development.

If you have not taken the introductory course, but feel you have the experience or prior knowledge to take this course, please email help@professional.ucsb.edu.


Software: Any Text Editor. Here are some recommendations:

Hardware: Linux, Mac or Windows machine with minimum 4 GB  

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