Course Description

Design and Build Web Applications using Python Web Frameworks. Python is rapidly becoming a favorite programming language for developing responsive websites, due in large part to the excellent availability of web frameworks. Web frameworks are Python packages that provide a suite of tools built-in that allow rapid development and deployment of websites.

In this course, students will gain experience with the popular Django web framework to design, develop, and implement a web application. The curriculum covers front-end-coding and back-end libraries for frameworks, optimization, and security authentication. Participants will learn various python functions and web services to support user interaction and database capabilities. They will use a suite of built-in tools that create a fast-responsive website and will have the ability to improve application performance through caching.

Course Outline

  • Python functions and libraries for databases and components.
  • Review Python data structures, built-in functions, and object-oriented programming.
  • Overview of various frameworks available to design sites using Python including Flask, Django, and Pyramid
  • Introduction to Django web programming and models
  • Creating API views and making HTTTP post request for viewing
  • Learn GET, POST, and DELETE HTPP request
  • Securing and Authentication of your data
  • Testing and debugging
  • Understand Django template language features
  • Creating API’s and interfacing with third-party database

Learner Outcomes

  • Design and implement a website using Django Web Framework
  • Hands-on experience with the built-in tools, programming and creating web application.
  • Understand security aspects and social authentication
  • Understand the web application containers within python frameworks
  • Ability to optimize the performance of front end as well back end components


Proficiency in Python language or equivalent knowledge in coding. If you have not taken a Python coding course, but believe you have the required knowledge, please contact help@profession.ucsb.edu.

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