Course Description

This course continues the study of modern JavaScript applying modern constructs such as native modules and object patterns to help bring the structure required for single page web applications and progressive web apps. Modern libraries such as VueJS or React will be used to show the production of a client-side application with the emphasis being placed upon producing such an application using modern JavaScript software engineering practices.

This course is taught in collaboration with UC San Diego Extension.

Course Outline

  • Emerging core aspects of ES6 and beyond
  • Advanced DOM and event use
  • Client-side graphics using Canvas or SVG
  • State management and local storage, and more

Learner Outcomes

  • Create web applications with JavaScript Frameworks
  • Integrate data from a public API into a webpage
  • Implement asynchronous data exchanges with Ajax methods
  • Implement advanced frontend storage techniques
  • Write comments in the code that clearly annotates a script or a section in the code


Introduction to JavaScript or prior knowledge of JavaScript.

If you have not taken the introductory course, but believe you have the required knowledge for this course, please contact help@professional.ucsb.edu.


Software requirements:
- A modern browser like Chrome or Firefox
- Any Text Editor; here are some recommendations:

  • Sublime: http://www.sublimetext.com
  • Atom: http://atom.io
  • Visual Studio Code: http://code.visualstudio.com
  • Brackets: http://brackets.io/

Hardware requirements: 
- Linux, Mac, or Windows machine with a minimum of 4 GB

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