Course Description

Students will gain a high-level introduction to logic principles required for successful web programing and development, including an overview of different technologies used in front end development. During the course, students will work on logical exercises and receive an introduction to web principles including networking, URLS, and server terminology. The class provides an overview of the topics and concepts needed to work as a successful programmer and also an overview of understanding the functional aspects of websites and other server-side components.

Course Outline

  • Intro to computers and programming
  • Input, processing, and output
  • Modular programming
  • Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
  • Repetition Structures
  • Functions, arrays, sorting and searching arrays
  • Recursion and object-oriented programming
  • Demos

Learner Outcomes

  • Apply logic principles to real-world use cases
  • Implement pseudocode and flowcharting
  • Apply decision structures, modules, and functions


Software requirements:
- A modern browser like Chrome or Firefox
- Any Text Editor; here are some recommendations:

  • Sublime: http://www.sublimetext.com
  • Atom: http://atom.io
  • Visual Studio Code: http://code.visualstudio.com
  • Brackets: http://brackets.io/

Hardware requirements: 
- Linux, Mac, or Windows machine with a minimum of 4 GB

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Jul 09, 2024 to Sep 02, 2024
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