Course Description

This course is taught in conjunction with UCSD Extension.

Python is an interpreted language, with a rich programming environment, including a robust debugger and profiler. While it is easy for beginners to learn, it is widely used in many scientific areas for data exploration. This course is an introduction to the Python programming language for students without prior programming experience. Among many other topics, this course covers:

- Data types
- Control Flow
- Object-oriented programming
- Graphical user interface-driven applications

Examples and problems used in this course are drawn from diverse areas such as text processing, simple graphics creation, and image manipulation, HTML and web programming.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Rules and syntax applicable to a modern programming language
  • Understanding and developing algorithms
  • Variables, expressions, functions, branching, looping statements and data storage
  • Designing, writing and debugging simple computer programs using Python


  • Laptop Required - The only requirement for the course is a laptop with internet access. 
    *NOTE: required laptop cannot be a Chromebook
  • This course is offered to beginners who have little to no experience with coding.


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Oct 06, 2020 to Dec 04, 2020
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Course Fee(s)
Course Fee non-credit $600.00
Available for Credit
4 units
Section Notes
Course is conducted online through asynchronous (not live) instruction. Students can access all class material and lectures via MyExtension. UCSB student services will guide students through this process.