Course Description

NOTE: Open University Fall 2022 pre-enrollment begins September 5, 2022.

Join thousands of students at a world-class research university! By enrolling in Open University (OU), you can take UCSB courses without a formal admission at UCSB. Enrollment in a specific course depends on space availability, but you will have access to the entire UCSB catalog, providing you meet the requirements.

All you need to do to start the process is to enroll in this course as early as possible before the beginning of the quarter when you would like to take a UCSB class.  You can find a quick summary of the dates and fees here. 

Once you have completed pre-enrollment, you will be contacted by our Customer Success Team for the following steps. You can find more information on the enrollment process here

Classes are offered according to the schedule on the respective Certificate or Program Page. Please click on the Request Information below to be promptly notified when enrollment opens.