Course Description

Introductory and interdisciplinary course that provides a critical learning environment for students to engage with topics of social justice, intercultural dialogue, and political engagement, both in theory and as a series of training activities that will prepare students to become Intersectional Justice Facilitators.

Format will be a graduate type seminar, where students will discuss assigned readings and engage with the topics of the events hosted by UCSB's Multi-Cultural Center.


Learner Outcomes

  • Cultivate and sustain a space for alternative pedagogies that include and rely on an intimate, collaborative, and horizontal classroom setting catering to different learning styles and abilities;
  • Give access to and facilitate engagement with critical material as well as develop advanced decolonial reading and writing skills;
  • Have a safe and comfortable space to learn where they do not have to worry about facing microaggressions/covert racism or sexism from professors or peers;
  • Have rare and one-on-one engagements with scholars, activists, and political speakers and figures

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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