Course Description

The STEM Teacher Summit is a 3 day virtual STEM conference for K-5 teachers. The event will take place June 22-24, 2020 but teachers will have access to all of the trainings for a year. The event consists of 4 keynotes which will be approximately 30 minutes each and 12 sessions which will each be 45 minutes to an hour. Teachers will also have access to a Facebook group where there will be additional Q & A sessions. 

Course Outline

Day 1 

Session List: Keynote: Create Bravely: Fostering Creativity to Fuel Curious, Compassionate ProblemSolvers Paul Reynolds 

Session 1: Paper Prototyping Bootcamp for STEAM-Powered Learning Andrea Calvin 

Session 2: Empowering Girls Through STEM Kim Collazo Lunch Break STEM Panel: Empowering Girls Through STEM Superheroes 

Session 3: Simple STEM for Every Classroom Chris Woods 

Session 4: How to Make Meaningful STEM Connections in Just 15 Minutes Emily Hunt 

Session 5: Rev Up Robotics with the Sphero Bolt Robot Jorge Valenzuela 

Day 2 

Session List: Keynote: STEAM in the Making: Creative Thinking in Every Classroom Dr. Jacie Maslyk 

Session 1: Teach STEM like a Boss (STEM Management Tips for the STEM and Elementary Classroom) Ashley Luersman 

Session 2: From STEAM to STREAM: Taking STEM to the Next Level with Read Alouds Carly Speicher Lunch Break STEM Panel: Teacher Interviews Keynote: Doing Fun, Weird Science Ronnie Thomas 

Session 3: Magic in the Making Mandi Figlioli 

Session 4: Blending STEAM into your Writing and Social Studies Blocks Heather Russell Session 5: Make Remote Learning Engaging for Students by Focusing on Equity and SEL Jorge Valenzuela 

Day 3 

Session List: Keynote 1: POWARRFUL Strategies for Teaching STEM Online Dr. Marquita Blades 

Session 1: 3..2..1..Action! Become a Green Screen Rockstar! Erika Sandstrom Lunch Break STEM Panel: STEM Organizations and Resources 

Session 2: Authentically Embedding Digital Technologies into STEM Learning Rachael Lehr Session 3: Science is LiT! Dr. Elondra Napper 

Session 4: Making Coding Elementary David Lockett 

Session 5: Inquiry-Based Instruction in the Virtual Classroom LaTrice Lyle 

Learner Outcomes


• 4 Keynotes 
• 15 Sessions 
• Live Panels 
• Access to video training and resources for a year




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