Course Description

The purpose of this course is to develop the ability to analyze the financial statements of a business with the intent of investing in the company. This course covers the mechanics of financial statement analysis including balance sheet and income statement analysis, ratio analysis, and cash flow analysis. Students will analyze and evaluate free cash flow generation, profitability, and operating efficiency.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Understand the accounts on a balance sheet.
• Understand an income statement.
• Interpret a statement of cash flows.
• Perform and understand ratio analysis.
• Perform and understand trend analysis.
• Understand the different objectives of financial statement analysis.


Must have completed ECON 1 - Principles of Microeconomics and ECON 2 - Principles of Macroeconomics (or equivalent courses) with a C grade or higher in each course. 

This Application for Candidacy must be completed and approved in order to enroll in this course and others within the Strategic Investments Program. 

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