Course Description

 The “Understanding Children - Child Growth and Development ” course is designed to provide up-to-date information on how children develop naturally and the ways we can provide for optimal learning by using this information. This course qualifies as 3 ECE units of Child Growth and Development applicable toward DSS Child Care Licensing requirements.

Course Outline

 Participants will be introduced to child development, including current brain research, how to observe children to obtain key information on what the child’s learning phase or stage is and the activities and experiences that will support healthy development so the child can reach their full potential. Given the developmental framework and exploration of tools and strategies, participants will be able to describe and/or demonstrate the essential principles of development along with the environment and practices to support the development and optimal learning.

Learner Outcomes

 STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: for parents and teachers of children ages 2 ó to 7 to:       
A. Know the tool of observation to see how their children learn best
B. Discover the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and other developmental theorists
C. Discuss the real purpose of education
D. Learn the planes of development, the child’s absorbent mind, and what children’s sensitive periods are
E. Know the importance of a prepared, developmentally appropriate environment at home and at school


Montessori World Educational Institute
Sonya Lanzen-Castellanos
1735 Chester Lane
Cambria, CA. 93428

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