Course Description

So you're a Manager now...

One of the most difficult periods of transition in your work life is when you might find yourself in a position where management is key.

Both formal and informal management roles require skills that regular, on-the-job training does not provide.

In this class, you will learn skills crucial to your success as a new manager.
These include:

  •  Influence and Advocacy,

  •  Motivation and Performance Management

  •  Leading Teams, and

  •  Leadership Communication

During this intensive two-day course with distinguished UCSB faculty Kyle Lewis (TMP) and Paul Leonardi (TMP), you will learn cutting-edge research in each of these areas, develop skills to be an effective manager, and leave with practical tips that you can use in your new management role tomorrow - and well into the future.

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Paul Leonardi
Paul Leonardi
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis

Learner Outcomes

Key aspects of the workshop will be:

Influence and Advocacy

  • Produce results when you don’t have authority
  • Win cooperation and develop trust
  • Identify key stakeholders to promote positive change

Motivation and Performance Management

  • Employee coaching
  • Goal setting and measuring performance
  • Developing alternatives to monetary rewards

Leading Teams

  • How to compose a team
  • Making a team greater than the sum of its parts
  • Overcoming conflict

Leadership Communication

  • Having difficult conversations
  • Giving feedback
  • Pitching
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