Course Description

This Music Education course is designed for educators, parents, and other adults working with young children ages 0-6. Lectures and demonstrations present core principles for engaging the learner in the exploration, discovery, and development of music concepts, appreciation, and ability.

A review of cognitive neuroscience research includes discussion of the implications for providing essential music opportunities early in life during sensitive periods (0-6) to maximize neural pathways and potential and to maintain neural plasticity later in life and thus enhance the quality of life.

Presentations and discussions include an overview of the developmental framework, the sequence of music development and abilities, and the essential role of the informed and prepared adult to provide the conditions and opportunities necessary in order for the child to develop fully.

Participants enhance their own personal and professional music development as they explore the basic components of providing a good music foundation for young children to include: music listening, singing, movement, making and playing musical instruments, supporting social-emotional intelligence through music, creative expression, social connections and community building.

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