Course Description

Explore the significance and growth of U.S. law, particularly as it relates to current trends in public policy, the marketplace, and its manifestation in important legal cases. Students learn about social and ethical responsibilities for protecting human rights, both within the business and as part of the larger global society. Areas of discussion include contracts, securities, business organization, agency, employment law, torts, and other topics.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and apply legal analysis methods and principles important to business transactions, relationships, and projections
  • Describe the different forms of business organizations
  • Analyze the various areas of tort and product liability
  • Apply the principles of contract law to formation, enforcement, and defenses
  • Recognize the ethical considerations in business decision-making
  • Describe and analyze the facets of employment and employment related laws
  • Analyze the legal implications of business bankruptcy and/or liquidation
  • Discuss the importance of statutory regulations of organizations and operational aspects of business including those found in the UCC, anti-trust, environmental, and consumer protection regulations

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