Course Description

Students will develop an understanding of auditing theory and practice, especially as it relates to audits of financial statements by certified public accountants. Topics include the following:

  • Professional standards, responsibilities and ethics, legal liability, audit objectives, audit opinion, types of audit evidence, materiality, and risk
  • The audit process, audit planning, the study and evaluation of internal control, tests of transactions, direct tests of account balances, analytical review procedures, completing the audit, and audit reports
  • Audit sampling and the effect of electronic data processing (EDP) on the audit

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Address the auditing issues on chapter case studies utilizing the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
  • Identify potential issues with the case studies and possible solutions


Principles of Financial Accounting I/II, equivalent courses, or consent of instructor


Completion of the UCSB PaCE Professional Accounting Certification Program does not result in CPA licensure.  While courses in this program may count toward the educational requirements for individual states' boards of accountancy, completion of this program will not, in itself, fulfill the education, professional experience or examination requirements to qualify for CPA licensure. For more information about the requirements for the CPA Licensure, students should consult the State Board of Accountancy for the State or Jurisdiction in which they are interested in practicing. 

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