Course Description

This course aims to develop critical thinking, listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills of students. Coursework provides students with tools and resources to improve their academic English and study skills with a focus on recognizing common errors of thinking, evaluating the persuasiveness of an argument, asking critical questions, evaluating claims, verifying supporting evidence, identifying reliable sources, and synthesizing information. In addition, students practice developing and presenting their own arguments through impromptu discussions and debates, written analyses, and team projects. Students also gain experience taking notes using a variety of note-taking methods and strategies.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

•    Recognize and explain errors of perception, judgment, expression, and reaction
•    Learn strategies to avoid errors of thinking
•    Identify and analyze persuasiveness of verbal and written arguments
•    Learn strategies to write and present persuasive arguments
•    Produce written and verbal analyses of arguments using APA formatting
•    Produce basic lecture notes from short video lectures utilizing the Cornell method, abbreviations, and symbols
•    Coordinate with a team of peers to develop a multi-part formal presentations that analyzes an argument and makes recommendations
•    Participate in impromptu debates utilizing target expressions and phrases
•    Lead and participate in group discussions utilizing target expressions and phrases
•    Identify claims and supporting evidence in readings and video lectures
•    Ask probing questions with the goal of finding fault with various arguments
•    Utilize reliable sources to evaluate and improve arguments
•    Synthesize information from multiple sources

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