Course Description

To be competitive in the global economy, businesses must incorporate integrated strategic business planning into their daily operations. In this course, students create business plans for product concepts to be sold in the global marketplace. Students gain practical knowledge of the essential marketing and management tools required to compete successfully. Topics include:

  • Creating the key components of a business plan
  • Understanding and interpreting core corporate financial reports
  • Researching and identifying potential market niches
  • Targeting and persuading global customers
  • Identifying and developing leadership and business communication skills needed to work across the cultures

The business plan focuses upon the systematic application of practical business development techniques and strategic planning for a selected product concept. This is a hands-on course to develop practical skills. Students explore a comprehensive launch of a product concept in the global marketplace, from research of the competition to presentation of the final plan. At the conclusion of the course, students present their business plans to an impartial panel of business experts.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss fundamental business concerns for selling in the global marketplace
  • Discuss and interpret basic corporate financial reports
  • Describe key business strategies for launching a product concept
  • Analyze and research global market competition; identify potential market niches
  • Identify core traits of good leadership and effective intercultural communication
  • Demonstrate effective presentation skills when presenting a business plan to an outside panel

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