Course Description

Advanced Issues in Wills and Trusts is designed for students interested in specializing in the areas of conservatorship, will and trust drafting, and estate and trust administrations. This course offers opportunities for students to engage in the following topics: advanced incapacity and estate planning techniques; analyzing advanced issues in wills and trusts drafting; and, preparing to avoid and/or handle wills and trust contests and litigation. In this course, students gain hands-on experience in client interviewing and using various resources for drafting more complex estate planning documents and apply concepts, and to solve problematic fact scenarios.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Discuss codes and strategies for administration of intestate estates
  • Review simple wills for the purpose of comparison against complex wills
  • Ask appropriate interview questions to better understand the drafting of complex estate planning
  • Apply knowledge and skills for administering complex estate planning
  • Recognize issues related to more complex dispositive provisions
  • Analyze and evaluate advanced wills and trusts case studies


Wills and Trusts I or Wills and Trusts II, or consent of instructor.


Wills and Trusts I or Wills and Trusts II

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