Course Description

An early childhood education course designed to give parents, teachers, and anyone interested in helping children ages two and one-half through six to develop and refine their sensory perception and motor development skills which can instill self-motivation, self-discipline, good social behavior, and happiness in a prepared environment.  Practical life activities demonstrate how the child derives an understanding of his environment, how it works, and their importance in helping children develop volition and manual dexterity. Sensorial materials and lessons provide a foundation for the study of mathematics and geometry.


Course Outline

Learner Outcomes

A.  Knowledge of how to teach a lesson to young children.

B.  Knowledge of how to introduce terminology to young children.

C.  Ability to present and properly use the Montessori teaching materials used in developing and refining sensory   perception.

D.  Ability to present and utilize materials for the development and refinement of movement and independence.

E.  Knowledge of how to set up a classroom and start the year.

F.  Knowledge of how the prepared environment provides carefully deigned motives (materials/activities) to engage the mind and hand, strengthen volition, support sustained focus and independent work.






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