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Legal Studies & Mediation
Course Location Delivery Options Avail
Advanced Issues in Wills and Trusts LAW X405 Coming soon!
Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Mediation LAWSO X436 Coming soon!
Case Management LAW X403 Web-based Instruction Available
Civil Litigation LAW X421 Coming soon!
Contract Law LAW X455.5 Coming soon!
Contract Law LAW X455.7 Online on Demand Available
Criminal Law LAW X419 Coming soon!
E-Discovery and Legal Technologies LAW X424 Online on Demand Available
Elder Law (Formerly, Aging and the Law) LAW X422 Coming soon!
Employment Law for Paralegals LAW X423 Coming soon!
Ethics for Paralegals LAW X402.1 Coming soon!
Ethics for the Paralegal LAW X402.2 Coming soon!