To earn this digital credential, students completed an intensive 40-hours of training and acquired essential evidence-based tools and skills to: (1) better understand, (2) help, and (3) support clients to navigate their life as an adolescent/adult. 


  • Understand key concepts and principles of applied behavior analysis (e.g., shaping, chaining procedures) and its application in clinical and daily practice.

  • Learn evidence-based interventions to help clients navigate their life as an adolescent and/or young adult by teaching them pivotal skills such as socialization, self-management, and initiations. 

  • Learn how to help clients navigate the job sector by helping them identify jobs that align with the client’s motivation/interests.

  • Using the behavior skills training (BST) model, learn how to effectively coach clients to perform essential job duties. 

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Program Cost

$400 for this course.