To earn this Digital Credential, the student has learned to apply basic human resource management functions. Badge holders can provide a practical approach to using data to solve HR challenges in organizations and demystify analytics with clear guidelines and recommendations.


  • Explain the strategic contribution of human resource management to the total business enterprise

  • Differentiate among typical designs of HRM departments

  • Summarize the responsibilities and roles of HRM personnel

  • Characterize the basic human resource management functions including: workplace law and regulations; human resource metrics and cost analysis; recruitment; compensation, benefits and total rewards; training and development; and, organizational behavior

  • Assess implementation considerations and change management

  • Identify the HR analytics maturity level of an organization

  • Identify organizational problems that can be addressed through HR analytics

  • Explore quantitative and qualitative tools and methods

Additional Details


Successful completion of 3 UC Santa Barbara PaCE Professional Courses: