To earn this Digital Credential, the student has learned how to build on equal opportunity principles to create a culture of respect, involvement, and success for all employees. Badge holders are well versed in paradigms that limit or promote inclusion.


  • Define concepts of diversity & inclusion, and the relationship between them, in the workplace 

  • Explore research that builds the case for creating an inclusive work environment, fostering diversity

  • Define unconscious bias and explore leadership behaviors and HR practices that overcome bias in the workplace

  • Identify best practices for creating an inclusive organizational culture

  • Explain the development of human and societal endeavors across time and place

  • Explore organizational design in context

  • Identify and interpret company policy and litigation processes

  • Apply concepts about human and social behavior to particular questions or situations

Additional Details


Successful completion of 2 UC Santa Barbara PaCE Professional Courses:

Inclusive Workplace Culture Badge