Course Description

ED X385.7 is designed to provide the candidate with the tools to effectively manage the complexities of the Special Education on their campus as it applies to General Ed staff, Special Ed staff, Special Ed students, and the families of students with special needs.  There is an emphasis on legal mandates and best practices as it applies to Child Find, 504s, and IEPs. Additionally, the course provides background information on IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education Act), revisions of IDEA, state special education laws, and how these laws form the basis for effective leadership in guiding and educating staff and parents.  Designed for candidates to attain the attitudes, knowledge, and skills congruent with the principal as an effective communicator.  Topics include the role of site administrators and special education, the basics of special education, supporting general education and special education staff members, problem-solving in 504s and IEPs, handling difficult parents, and evaluating special education staff members on your campus.

Course Outline

Session 1: Topics/Guiding Questions: Special Education 101 (Just the Facts)
Agenda (all times approx):
Introductions, the tenets of IDEA
Implicit Association Test (IAT):  https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/selectatest.html
Assignment Work article: How Implicit Bias Impacts Our Children in Education & Dinner Break

Session 2: Topics/Guiding Questions: Supporting General Ed and Special Education staff members
Agenda (all times approx):
Section 504 versus IDEA (Guest Speaker: Wes Parsons, Partner, Fagan, Friedman & Fulfrost law firm)
Accommodations versus modifications
Dinner Break and Assignment Work article: Collaborative Teaming
Ways to include all students on a school’s campus (small group activity)
Group sharing; Takeaways

Session 3: Topics/Guiding Questions: Special Ed case law
Agenda (all times approx): Past and Recent precedent-setting case law
Rachel Holland case
Small group case study/present to the group
Assignment Work & Dinner Break
Finish Materials Review; Final Exam

Learner Outcomes



INTENDED AUDIENCE:  Students in the Las Virgenes Center EdX Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program.



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Mar 24, 2022 to Jul 30, 2023
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Course Fee credit (3 units) $150.00
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3 units
Reading List / Textbook
Section Notes

REQUIRED TEXT [if any]: Ihori, D. and Alexia Melara. (2019). Leadership in Special Education: Fostering Collaboration, Solving Problems and Being an Agent of Change. LRP Publications.

Schillinger, M. and Wesley Parsons. (2012). Write On! A Guide to Compliant Documentation of Special Education Policies and Procedures. LRP Publications.



For more information, please contact Ryan Gleason at rgleason@lvusd.org