Course Description

This course focuses on the experimental evaluation of behavioral interventions through the systematic manipulation of independent variables to analyze their effects on treatment. The application and practical and ethical considerations are discussed in depth for each of the following single-subject experimental designs: (a) multiple baselines, (b) changing criterion, (c) alternating treatments, and (d) withdrawal designs.
Students will also learn how to accurately and reliably obtain measurement data. Specifically, students will learn about the different measurement procedures, the different threats to validity, and how to calculate reliability.
Lastly, students will learn about basic behavior change procedures.

Learner Outcomes

Specific competencies covered in this course:

  • Experimental evaluation of interventions
  • Measurement of behavior & displaying and interpreting data
  • Behavior change procedures  

    Within the context of understanding how to conduct applied research in clinical and educational settings, the course has the following major objectives:
  1. Understand the logic underlying experimental control in small N designs in clinical and educational research.
  2. Learn how to operationally define target behaviors for study
  3. Identify appropriate independent variable and dependent variables for the study
  4. Learn about internal, external, and social validity and threats to the design/intervention
  5. Understand measurement and sampling issues applicable to treatment research in applied settings.
  6. Understand reversal, alternating treatments, changing criterion, multiple baselines, and simultaneous treatment design
  7. Calculate reliability measures.
  8. Learn about some behavior change procedures and interventions


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Assistant Behavior Analyst Professional Certificate Application
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Jun 22, 2022 to Sep 09, 2022
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Reading List / Textbook
Section Notes

Text Book: Bailey, Jon S., & Burch, Mary R. (2016).  Ethics for Behavior Analysts (3rd Ed).  New York, NY: Routledge.

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***Additional Text Recommendation:
Applied Behavior Analysis
 By: John O. Cooper; Timothy E. Heron; William L. Heward
Publisher: Pearson
Print ISBN: 9780134752556, 0134752554; Print ISBN: 9780134752556, 0134752554;
eText ISBN: 9780134798769, 0134798767; eText ISBN: 9780134798769, 0134798767
Edition: 3rd; Copyright year: 2020

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