Course Description

This competency-based program is designed to fine tune the role of EMT management of cardiac arrest in Santa Barbara County. Students will hone their chest compression and ventilation skills, operate an AED,  and review  the Santa Barbara County EMS “PIT Crew “policies and procedures.

Learner Outcomes


1. Review the roles of EMTs in our health care system.

2. Review and apply principles of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology in regards to cardiac arrest.

3. Review and identify the need for and perform immediately life-saving interventions to manage a patient’s airway, breathing, and circulation.

4. Overall management of a patient in cardiac arrest

5. Assess a patient in cardiac arrest

6. Perform high quality chest compressions and ventilations

7. Perform the skill of ventilating a patient with an endotracheal tube in place

8. Determine transportation vs. non-transportation

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