Course Description

Course for California Emergency Medical Technicians requiring psycho motor skills verification for:

• Airway Oxygen and Ventilation Skills - Upper Airway Adjuncts and Suction

• Bag-Valve-Mask - Apneic Patient

• Bleeding Control/Shock Management

• Cardiac Arrest Management/AED

• Immobilization Skills - Joint Injury

• Immobilization Skills - Long Bone Injury

• Immobilization Skills - Traction Splinting

• Mouth to Mask with Supplemental Oxygen

• Oxygen Administration

• Patient Assessment/Management-Medical

• Patient Assessment/Management-Trauma

• Spinal Immobilization - Seated Patient

• Spinal Immobilization - Supine Patient

• Ventilatory Management - Dual Lumen Device Insertion Following an Unsuccessful Endotracheal Intubation Attempt

• Ventilatory Management - Endotracheal Intubation

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