Course Description

John Greathouse

Successful companies and businesses need entrepreneurial managers and employees who are resourceful leaders, independent thinkers, problem-solvers, and team players. This workshop focuses on principles, concepts, skills, practices, information, and choices relevant to start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers, and their stakeholders. It will include visits to a number of innovative, entrepreneurial companies in the Santa Barbara area. Such first-hand experiences provide students with an inside track when networking for a job. 

The course will be held in conjunction with a cohort of visiting Chinese university students. US-based students will gain first-hand experience working in cross-cultural teams while learning about the Chinese entrepreneurial community from their Chinese classmates. 

Course Outline

This is for YOU if you want to:

  • Find out if you are an entrepreneur
  • Seek real understanding of entrepreneurship
  • Control your destiny and be your own boss while changing the world
  • Join a startup team
  • Expand your side hustle businesses into a real company
  • Gain a practical perspective on life after college
  • Pick up hands-on skills and get a real-world perspective of the business world

Learner Outcomes

By completing the activities, assessments, and requirements of this workshop, students will:
  • Identify and sell with conviction a new business idea
  • Determine which entrepreneurial characteristics they embody
  • Create, identify, and differentiate sustainable value propositions
  • Understand how honesty and integrity is a competitive advantage
  • Identify and determine financial and non-financial resources available for new ventures
  • Learn how to pitch a new idea to investors
  • Apply key concepts in business model development, market validation, financial projections, intellectual property strategies, sales, and marketing
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