Course Description

 Success in university classes and in job performance requires more than adequate oral and written communication and learning skills. This course is designed to help international students maximize the inherently diverse, multicultural American university experience through guided, structured, interactive tasks and a deeper understanding of culture and various learning and communication styles. Students will learn about and test the factors that influence intercultural communication and interpersonal situations to better respond to new challenges arising with the processes of globalization. Themes include: building trust, disagreeing, explaining and persuading effectively, evaluating and giving negative feedback, leading, and coming to decisions.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants acquire skills that include:

  • Strategies for effective oral presentations in the U.S.
  • Methods to communicate more comfortably in private, public, academic, and business situations
  • Practices in speaking and pronunciation that result in easier understanding for the native listener
  • Ways to navigate student culture and an American university
  • Tips for understanding challenging lectures and organizing note-taking
  • Strategies for maximizing the benefits of pair work and group projects with native speakers
  • Approaches for successful time management
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