7 Courses Required

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Program Prerequisites: (Have completed with a grade of C or higher)

Certificate Required Courses:

ECON X499.1 - Introduction to Financial Economics (Hybrid)(2 Units)(Can be substituted with ECON 134A)
ECON X499.2 - Financial Statement Analysis (Hybrid)(2 Units)
ECON X499.3 - Risk and Ethics (1 Unit)

Additional Required Courses:

Prerequisites: ECON X499.1 and ECON X499.2

ECON X499.4 - Portfolio Design (2 Units)

Elective Courses: (Minimum of 3 Units Required)

Prerequisites: ECON X499.3 and ECON X499.4

X499.10 - Stocks and the Stock Market (1 Unit)
X499.11 - Real Estate Markets (1 Unit)
X499.12 - Bond Markets (1 Unit)
X499.13 - Quantitative Investing (1 Unit)
X499.14 - Impact Investing (1 Unit)
X499.15 - Exchange-Traded Funds (1 Unit)

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