Grow your career in marketing, communications, digital media, branding, advertising, and public relations. This program introduces you to strategies across social media, mobile marketing, online analytics and search engine optimization, aimed at fully leveraging the Internet for achieving business goals. 

This Professional Certificate Provides:

  • Practical courses focused on understanding the business value of digital marketing.
  • Opportunities to explore key online analytics and measurement principles for understanding the performance of websites, social media campaigns.
  • Study of digital marketing, social media and internet audience profiling, online analytics and measurement, website optimization, and personalization.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule

To be eligible for this Professional Certificate you must complete at least 12 units (8 required/4 elective):

Required: 2 Courses (8 units)

Require: At least 1 course (4 units)

Courses are offered across 4 academic quarters: fall, winter, spring and summer. For more information visit Approved Academic Calendar.


Other marketing course options:

Search Engine Optimization - online course for Spring!

Principles of Marketing - online course for Spring!



Requirements for International Students:

  • Internationals must be part of the International Programs. Apply to International Programs here.
  • International participants must complete a minimum of 12 units each quarter (with max. 1 online course/quarter) in order to maintain an F-1 visa status. These units can be completed through professional courses and/or UCSB courses.
  • More requirements are defined in the Program Course Schedule above

Program Cost

The approximate cost of completion of this program is $1,950. Each course is $600 and there is a $150 application fee. Individual course fees are paid upon enrollment. Estimated costs are subject to change and do not include fees for course materials. For more information visit our Help Center.

Program Costs for International Students:

Costs for internationals can be seen here.


Digital Marketing Student

“It is amazing to learn knowledge and skills directly from industry professionals that engage day-to-day in the world of digital marketing.”

-Vanessa Ceja