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Complexity in today’s work environments requires leadership defined by a strong foundation in business functions, effective communication skills, and diverse managerial skills. These include, but are not limited to, thinking and planning strategically, assessing implications of decisions, and mobilizing change within an organization. This program is designed for those interested in learning the basics of business administration, who are looking for an alternative to the MBA or may in the future want to apply to an MBA program.


This Professional Certificate Program Provides:

  • A collaborative learning environment that develops students’ knowledge of effective business practices in marketing, financial management, operations, negotiation, and business law.
  • Strategies for developing emotional intelligence, analytic and interpersonal skills, and strategic thinking to improve decision-making.
  • Opportunities to learn from instructors who are highly experienced business professionals and practitioners.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule


Complete at least 20 units (5 courses) and earn a Professional Certificate in Business Administration. Courses offered in this program may meet the requirements for CPA certification. For more information on unit requirements click here.


Additional Requirements for International Students:

  • Internationals must be part of the International Programs before starting any certificate program. Apply to International Programs here.
  • International participants must complete a minimum of 12 units each quarter (with max. 1 online course/quarter) in order to maintain an F-1 visa status. These units can be completed through professional courses and/or UCSB courses.

Program Cost

The approximate cost of completion of this program is $3,150. Each course is $600 and the application fee is $150. Individual course fees are paid upon enrollment. Estimated costs are subject to change and do not include fees for course materials. For more information visit our Help Center.

Program Costs for International Students:

Costs for internationals can be seen here.


Business Admin Student

“These courses have given me insight into different situations I may experience in my professional career.”

-Delaney Archer