The technology field has become the hottest career choice for anyone who wants to start earning a significantly higher salary in a short period. In major cities across the United States and the world, there has been a wave of programs emerging to offer a certificate in Front-end web development. In this certificate, participants will learn how to build websites using technologies such as HTML and CSS. 

General topics covered: HTML5; CSS3; WordPress; FTP hosting and Domains.

The first part of the course focuses on the basics, covering HTML/CSS to enable students to build websites from the ground up.

The second course part of the course covers WordPress, the most popular Content Management System. It enables students to build any type of website thanks to the wide array of Plugins available.

Through lectures, assignments, and projects students have opportunities to:

  • Gain all the necessary skills to become a professional front-end web developer

  • Build web sites from scratch using the latest cutting-edge technologies in web development

  • Engage in real-life problem-solving essential in starting their new career

  • Develop the skills necessary to build and maintain a WordPress based website or application. (Supporting a variety of browsers, including mobile support and retina graphics).


Additional Details

Program Course Schedule




Laptop Required - The only requirement for the course is a Mac laptop.

Requirements for International Students:

  • Internationals must be part of the International Programs. Apply to International Programs here.
  • International participants must complete a minimum of 12 units each quarter (with max. 1 online course/quarter) in order to maintain F-1 visa status. These units can be completed through professional courses and/or UCSB courses.
  • More requirements are defined in the Program Course Schedule above


Program Cost

TBD - Coming soon!




Where are the class held?
UCSB Campus

Can I succeed in the Web Development Program if I have never taken a technology course before?
Yes! Even if you haven't been in school for a while or have never taken a technology course, you can succeed in this program. We will teach you the fundamentals and build your skills. The class is offered in such a manner so that first helps prepare you for the second.

What kind of equipment and software do I need?

Laptop Required -The only requirement for the course is a Mac laptop.