Employers today are seeking candidates with a combination of academic preparation and workplace specific skills. Various skill sets including business negotiations, conflict resolution, and legal study are among the most valued among employers. Professional courses are paired with courses offered by the Department of Communication to create opportunities for the development of business management skills and the knowledge of the ethical, social, and legal issues confronted by businesses in an increasingly complex global marketplace.


This Professional Certificate Program Provides:

  • Exploration of the complexity and interrelationship of law to political, economic, and social issues, while developing analytical communication skills
  • Opportunities to develop skills to construct, present, and critically analyze competing positions on burning issues in business ethics and policy as 21st-century leaders and managers
  • Strategies for developing intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and ability to engage effectively national and global communities.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule


To be eligible for the professional certificate, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 14 units from the program schedule.
  •  Earn no less than a “C” in any particular course to be eligible for the certificate. 

Units for the MGMNT X171, X172, 173 courses may count toward graduation units, but grades for those courses do not count towards GPA for graduation.  UCSB students seeking a degree or unit credit must file a petition with the appropriate UCSB College or School PRIOR to enrollment, To make the credit effective students need to order a transcript from student services and have it submitted to the registrar.

Non-UCSB students will be able to enroll in the UCSB courses via Open University.

Transfer units will not be accepted as credit toward this certificate.


Program Cost

The cost of each 2 units professional course (MGMNT X171 to X173) is $350.00. The non-refundable certificate application fee is $150. These figures do not include the costs of textbooks and/or materials and can change without notice. 

For Non-UCSB matriculated students the approximate cost of completion of this program is $4,000 (for the professional courses and COMM courses offered through Open University).

Financial Aid: Current UCSB matriculated students, who are eligible for financial aid, are strongly encouraged to take a minimum of 12 units of regular undergraduate courses. The MGMNT X units do not count toward that minimum.