A growing need exists for well-trained board-certified professionals in applied behavior analysis. This Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) professional program satisfies the coursework requirement for the BCBA credential. To be eligible for this area of certification, students must already have obtained a degree in an area approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®) or is concurrently earning that degree.


Important changes to CEU requirements were announced in the November 2018 newsletter and will take effect on January 1, 2020.  Learn More >>

Fifth Edition Task List – Effective January 1, 2022.

Following changes are coming per BACB®:

  • BACB ® is in the process of switching from the 4th edition task list to the 5th edition task list. What does this mean? The 5th edition task list opens up the program to students with a Master’s degree in any field/discipline. Currently, under the 4th edition task list only students with a Master’s degree in Education, Psychology, or Behavior Analysis are eligible to take the exam.

Students under the 4th edition task list must complete all requirements (i.e., 270 hours of coursework and 1500 hours of fieldwork) and submit everything to BACB® prior to October 1st, 2021 in order to be considered for the 4th edition exam. If students are accepted by BACB® for the 4th edition exam, they have a 2-year authorization window to take the exam. If students DO NOT pass the exam within the 2-year authorization window, students must reapply under the new requirements (i.e., 5th edition). Also, if students are not able to complete all requirements by October 1st, 2021, students are encouraged to enroll in the 5th edition program. We are revising curriculum to meet these requirements. 

Timeline for 4th edition:
*Documents must be received by the BACB office by 4 PM Mountain Time in order to be considered on-time.
BCBA EXAMINATION DATES Schedule and Deadlines

For more information about certification visit http://www.bacb.com. For the most up-to-date BACB approved course grid, click here.

The Professional Certificate Provides:

  • Preparation for participants to become competent practitioners of behavior analysis and contributors of research to the discipline.
  • Professional training of individuals responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring behavioral treatment and training programs in schools, early intervention programs, day programs, residential settings, and home-based programs, and private practices.

Additional Details

Program Course Schedule

Required 6 online courses (24 units):

Courses are offered across 4 academic quarters: fall, winter, spring, and summer. For more information visit the Approved Academic Calendar.

***All courses are offered in an interactive online asynchronous format. Students are required to complete weekly assignments through GauchoSpace, UCSB's Moodle course management system. Students are not required to be in front of the computer or online at any particular time.


This professional program satisfies the coursework requirement for the BCBA credential. To be eligible for this area of certification, students must already have obtained a graduate degree in an area approved by the BACB® or are concurrently earning that degree. For information about the BCBA Examination and requirements, visit http://bacb.com/bcba-application. Candidates must complete all 6 courses with letter grades of “B-” or better.

Program Cost

The approximate cost of completion of this program is $3,150. Individual course fees are paid upon enrollment. Estimated costs are subject to change and do not include fees for course materials. For more information visit our Help Center.



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“The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. (BACB®) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers of behavior analysis services.”